My wife and I  take this opportunity to welcome you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us by His grace for a love relationship with Himself through Christ Jesus our Lord.  He has called us to know Him and make Him known, to receive His love and give it to others.

 Antioch Int'l Ministries, is a registered Nonprofit christian ministry in Washington State.  It is located in Des Moines Washington, USA.   Though I hold Master's degree in Economics  from Pune University - India, Masters  degree in Pastoral Ministry and Doctorate degree in Religious Studies from Trinity Bible college and Seminary Evansville Indiana,  my primary goal of serving the Lord is and always has been my love and gratitude  to the Lord who loved me and gave Himself for me.  I have a testimony of God's redemption power and a clear call to declare the good news of  His  death and resurrection to the world He loves. How can I be silent with such good news!!. together with  a beautiful wife the Lord has blessed me with, we shall live to serve the Lord.

Antioch International Ministries  strongly believes in yieldedness to God's Word and His  Spirit unconditionally for Him  to accomplish His will in our lives.  We hope & trust that this website will be a blessing to you in some way.


God came to Adam before Adam came to God. God came to Israel in Egypt before Israel became free to go to Canaan. God came to our world through Christ Jesus or else we would never have made it to heaven.  While on earth, Jesus journeyed from town to town to reach people.  He met his followers he designated as disciples  while traveling from place to place.  

I am not sure how many people Jesus would have influenced if he did not step out to other places or if he would have waited for them to come at the synagogue?.   What if he decided not to leave Nazareth  his  hometown until his ascension?    The bible says "they tried to keep him from leaving them. but he said  "I must preach the good news of the kingdom of  God to the other towns also, BECAUSE THAT IS WHY I WAS SENT." (Luke 4:42-43).  

Though seeing multitudes of believing Christians in a  church may bring delight to us which of course is important, Jesus sees not only the saved people of the Kingdom but also those unsaved and un-reached ones outside the churches & his heart yearns to bring them into His fold. It’s said, "The church is the  only club that was invented for the benefit of its none members."  

When he ascended to heaven the 'GOING' was not to stop through his followers. From heaven he was to reach the whole world through his disciples. He said  "....All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations, ..........  I am with you always to the very end of the age"  (Matt 28:18)

At the day of Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit no doubt brought about a glorious transformation as the  Jerusalem church experienced the favor and dynamic moves of God.  Initially, It led to a spiritual explosion  both in quality as well as in number. It resulted in  supernatural manifestations such as a bold proclamation of the gospel, powerful teachings, healing, raising the dead, convicting sinners, casting out devils and building up a strong  community of believers. 

However Jerusalem church gradually ceased to be on the front line of God’s purpose  which was to proclaim the gospel to the un-reached nations. (Acts 1:8) “but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses…" However the promise did not only say “you shall receive power,” but it also described the reason why they would  receive power. "....and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” 
The increasing resistance to the overriding mandate of Acts 1:8 led to persecution in order to push forward the church out of Jerusalem.  It brought about a shift in focus to the church of Antioch. ( Acts 11:19-20.) 

​What was unique about the church of Antioch in the book of Acts? 

  • The church of Antioch was pioneered by simple, obedient and daring men who stepped out and boldly proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Greeks too.

  • It was a church whose significance remained undiminished for a longer period of  time as it fully embraced the mandate of (Acts 1:8)

  • It was a church that broke the church traditions and was free from the influence of the spirit of religion.

  • It was a church with a visionary leaders who carried it with a fierce and focused determination. Paul the Apostle, and also Barnabas,   a man instrumental to release Paul into his calling and enable him progress further into his destiny.

  • Though the city of Antioch was known for its immorality, the church was neither influenced by the darkness nor  compromised by other religions.

  • It was a church that embraced and supported the vision of Paul as it’s own.

  • It was a church that was financially strong but used its resources for mission works optimally.

  • It was a multiracial and multi-cultural church that accommodated both Jews and gentiles  without compromising the message of the full gospel of Christ.

  • It was a church that broke cultural and racial barriers because of its response to the revelation of God. (Gal 3:28) 

  • It was a church where the disciples were called Christians.

  • It was also a church that affected the world’s view about Christianity  from thinking that the teaching of Jesus as a new form of Judaism into believing Christ is for all men, Jews as well as gentiles.

  • It was also a church that comprised of different nationalities to be in its structural leadership.

  • It was a church that brought in ministries with gifts to provide an impartation and help its members have a spiritual  breakthrough into their regions.

  • It was a church that equipped and released ministries to pioneer other churches at different geographical locations.

  • It was a church that was willing to spare the time to hear the voice of God to find fresh destiny and vision from God.​
After a careful examination and thorough study of the above mentioned and some other qualities of the church of Antioch,  it’s clear to anyone that if a church chooses to remain fruit bearing and at the center of God’s purpose, so as to allow the flow of the anointing and the presence of God  without which no work of God can bear fruit, and if a church has to bring about a change in the surrounding communities and governments as well as the nations through the message of the gospel, I have found it to be imperative to embrace wholeheartedly the vision which the church of Antioch once had, as that will help the church remain significant and effective instrument in the hand of the Almighty God in this 21st century. 

Jesus is still calling us to GO to the nations with the good news of the Kingdom. We are his feet through whom the apostolic mandate can be realized.

​Pastor Elyas & Beth
Antioch International Ministries.